The Ravioli Store opened its door in 1989 producing only ravioli. Now The Ravioli Store produces dozens of items as well as seasonally rotated specials. We use only the finest all natural ingredients to produce a superior product. The Ravioli Store now offers other filled pastas to choose from including agnolotti, pansoti, ravioletti, heart-shaped ravioli, tortellini and tortelloni. Our products will soon be available online, but in the meantime, call us for specifics.

In addition to our filled pasta, we manufacture cut and extruded pastas. There are over 52 different varieties from herbed pastas to gluten-free pastas. The Ravioli Store will be producing its own condiment line of sauces and pesto shortly making it easy to prepare a fantastic meal in minutes. Try our products for your next dinner party.

All of The Ravioli Store pasta is made with semolina, which is ground durum wheat. Durum wheat is hard wheat primarily grown in the northern plain states in the United Sates. Durum wheat's hardness produces high quality pasta that can be cooked to a firm "al dente" texture. Other main ingredients that make up our pasta are water and whole eggs.

If you'd like to visit our factory please call us at 718.729.9300 to arrange an appointment

If you are looking for a map of The Ravioli Store location, 39-01 22nd St, LIC


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