Filled Pasta

fresh spinach and ricotta agnolotti

Agnolotti - half moon shaped filled pasta that sometimes has ruffled edges and is made in the Piemonte region.

Aged goat cheese with herbs in a blackpeppercorn pasta

White beans with roasted garlic and truffle oil in an egg pasta (non-dairy filling)



Tortellini - (translated as "little twisted one's") is a macaroni product usually stuffed with meat or cheese and other ingredients served in soup. It is a specialty of Bologna and variant of the Roman cappelleti.

Porcini - saffron pasta filled with wild mushroom and porcini

Goat Cheese - blackpepper pasta filled with goat cheese and herbs

Gorgonzola - egg pasta filled with gorgonzola and walnuts

tri-color cheese cappelletti

Cappelletti - translated as "little hats" similar to tortellini and vary in shape. In Emilio Romano they have turned up peaks, however, in some central regions they are round.

Cheese - egg pasta filled with ricotta cheese

Cheese - spinach pasta filled with ricotta cheese

Tricolor - spinach, egg and tomato pasta filled with ricotta cheese

spinach tortelloni

Tortelloni - are larger tortellini and originated in Bologna.

Four Cheese - egg pasta filled with four cheeses

Cheese - spinach pasta filled with ricotta cheese

smoked salmon pansoti

Pansoti - translated as "little bellies" are a triangular packet of pasta from Liguria and filled with the local herb mixture called preboggion.

Smoked Salmon - fresh and smoked salmon with dill in an herb pasta

potato gnocchi

Gnocchi - little dumplings that are made of wheat or potato flour. There are also dry varieties such as gnochetti and "Sardi" (Sardinian style).

Plain Gnocchi

Spinach Gnocchi - made with fresh spinach

Walnut & Sage Gnocchi - made with toasted walnuts and fresh sage sundried tomato gnocchi

Sundried Tomato Gnocchi - made with sundried tomatoes imported from Italy

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